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Welcome to BoF

Welcome to Blades of Fury

Lord of the Dragons &

EverQuest Homepage.

Adult oriented casual raid/progression guild

Established July 1st 2009

By Equestor / Xandor

BoF Current Events !!
Equestor 4/21/2014 3:08 PM
Good work on Guild Wars so far. And nice work on the Bosses and Dungeon.

Allied Guilds

Equestor, Apr 21, 14 3:45 PM.
ALLIED GUILDS: Knights of Storm II

Lord of the Dragons BoF

Equestor, Apr 10, 14 12:34 AM.
Good job to all our players. Keep active. Don't forget to work on our KL. Remember not to rob anyone unless they rob you.

Lord of the Dragons BoF

Equestor, Apr 3, 14 10:28 PM.
  Great job to all in getting BoF up and running in the lands of Drazeros! Remember we are strongest when we work together to take out those who would prey on us as a smaller guild. Use the guild message board to setup times for strikes against those who plague us. I much rather have a few active members than a guild full of non-players.

  Any advice for building the guild is welcome.

  Good Hunting, ~Xandor~
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